Magic Prague. By Pavel Kopp

Magic Prague

Prague has been named many things, but magic best describes my new project, photographs of old Prague with its enchanting corners and winding streets.

Magic Prague is also the name given to book written by Italian writer Angelo Maria Ripellino, circulated by samizdat among us during the former regime, serving as my main inspiration for naming this project. Ripellino, born in Palermo, adored Prague and I have in turn travelled to capture the charm of his hometown. And since I am not a wordsmith as he was, I expressed my fascination through photographs of Palermo’s streets and markets. I was grateful to share this fascination with residents of Palermo, including the mayor Leoluca Orlando, on my exhibition IMPRESSIONI.

Luck would have it that I was fortunate enough to spend eight years living and working in Italy, perfecting the art of „street photo“. Upon my return home, I have continued in the streets of magic Prague and was taken away by the breath-taking moments I had the opportunity to capture. Prague is lacking the Mediterranean light and the lightness of living, so the mood is more melancholic and Kafkaesque. But that is also the magic of Prague, often admired by the visitors from abroad.

You are invited to the opening of my new exhibition on 7th of February at 18:00 at Žižkov Television Tower /Tower Park Prague/, to see the beautiful city in a different light, this time from 100 metre perspective.

Pavel Kopp

Info: www.pavelkopp.eu


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