International conference “Science and Mysticism. Where the crossroads lie”. Prague 15.06.2019

“Science and Mysticism. Where the crossroads lie”

How does science understand the mystical ecstasy that most religions describe? Why do some natural substances or synthesized chemicals from a lab alter our conscience and amplify our senses? What is the use of shamanic rituals, and other forms of trance induction? What is hypnosis and what is its use? Since antiquity, we have scientific, archaeological and written records of profound altered states of consciousness. Especially within the religious sphere but not exclusively. Often these varied phenomena are lumped together under the category of “mysticism” and categorized differently according to the cultural contexts. What is the current perspective of the sciences on trance states, hypnosis, lucid dreams etc.? All these questions will be addressed at the “Science and Mysticism: Where the Crossroads Lie”, International Conference in Prague which will be held at the Italian Culture Institute in Prague on the 15th of June. The conference is organized by Accademia dei Filaleti CZ, University of New York in Prague and Cafe boheme.cz, with the support of the Italian Culture Institute of Prague. There will be a variety of points of view presented from the field of psychology, philosophy, theology, history, researchers and professors all tackling the questions that are brought up by the meeting of science and mysticism.

 Prague, 15.06.2019, 9:30 am

Italian Cultural Institute of Prague

Vlašská 335/34, 118 00 Malá Strana

 Petr Bob, Francesco Coniglione, Daniel Dick, Lili Kindelhofer, Enrico Magnani, Massimiliano Nuzzolo, Mauro Ruggiero, Giancarlo Russo, Jiři Ružička, Edel Sanders, Hubert Schweizer, Fabrizio Sciacca, Giancarlo Seri, Luca Valentini, Giulia Weissenberger, Simon Weissenberger.

Accademia dei Filaleti; Charles University, Prague; Existential Consciousness Research Institute; Psychedelic Society of Vienna; Italian Cultural Institute of Prague; Pražská vysoká škola psychosociálních studií; University of New York in Prague; University of Catania.


Petr Bob (Associate professor at the First Faculty of Medicine Charles University, Prague) –“The brain and the mind – walking on the border between the two”.

Daniel Dick (Existential Consciousness Research Institute) – “Patterns of Transforming Consciousness”.

Francesco Coniglione (Professor at University of Catania, Philosopher) –“The esoteric turning point of the epistemology of the twentieth century”.

Lili Kindelhofer (co-founder Psychedelic Society of Vienna) – “The Trickster Goddess: A Post-Feminist Approach to Mysticism”.

Enrico Magnani (Nuclear physics, Visual artist)

Massimiliano Nuzzolo (Egyptologist) – “Shamanism in Ancient Egypt: archaeology, religion and ritual practice at the croassroad”.

Mauro Ruggiero (Italian Culture Institute of Prague /VŠB-TUO Erbil Campus) – “Pansophia, Pedagogy and Mysticism in Comenius’ The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart”.

Giancarlo Russo (Independent scholar expert in medical Hypnosis) – “The role of consciousness in the self-knowledge and in the access to the higher level”.

Jiři Ružička (Director of PVPS) – “Dream Life and Waking Life. The phenomenological approach to understanding dreams”.

Edel Sanders (Dean of UNYP Psychology Department) – “Vibrational Intersections of Consciousness”.

Hubert Schweizer  (Theologian and Naturopathic Doctor) – “Healing Between Science and Mysticism”.

Fabrizio Sciacca (Professor, Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Catania) – “Ludwig Wittgenstein between Science and Mysticism”.

Luca Valentini (Independent scholar, ESSWE) – “The Magic Doctrine that melds science and mysticism”.

Giulia Weissenberger (Engineer at CryoSol World) – “Cryo-Electron Microscopy -Pushing the boundaries on Particle Inspection to the Atomic Level”.

Giancarlo Seri (President Accademia dei Filaleti)- Grace, Beauty and Poetry will save the world. The prophetic dream of Queen Christina of Sweden (1626-1689)

Simon Weissenberger (Psycologist, researcher and Ph.D supervisor at Charles University)- Sensory Deprivation, White Noise and its Effects on Time Perception: A Pilot Study “The Atomic level”


Mauro Ruggiero (Italian Cultural Institute of Prague /VŠB-TUO Erbil Campus)

Simon Weissenberger (UNYP, Psychology Department)

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