“Poems for Prague”. Collective project of experimental poetry

“There is a diary haunting Prague!”

“Poems for Prague” is a collective project of experimental poetry (created by www.cafeboheme.cz). The idea is to create a volume of poetry written by different poets (in any language) in the same diary. A wandering diary passes from hand to hand in which every poet can write a maximum of 2 poems (no more than 2 sheets in total) about “Prague”.

In this way the diary will travel from hand to hand without any precise destination, meeting randomly different poets connected to each other by the topic of the poetry.

If you come in possession of this diary, you should follow these simple instructions:

  • Every author can write a maximum of 2 poems in any language (in any case do not use more than 2 sheets of the diary), in capital letters.
  • Every poem shall be signed with your name and surname (also in capital letters), date and place.
  • If you have received the Diary, you can register on the Facebook page “Poems for Prague” which is dedicated to this project. Please write on a post where and when you have received the diary and by whom. Please write on the same post also the poetry you have written in the diary. You should write also the person you give the dairy. If you do not have a Facebook profile, please send an email with the required info to: red.cafeboheme@gmail.com
  • After writing your poems, please give the diary to a friend or anyone who like to write poetry. Please DO NOT leave the diary anywhere. You should always hand it over to someone.
  • The author who is writing his poems on the last sheet (When the diary is fully written) should send back the diary to the address written on the  3rd page of the cover, personally or by post (shipping costs can be charged to the consignee).

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.”



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