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Malá Strana, the known and unknown. By Mauro R.

At seven in the morning Charles Bridge is still deserted, whether shrouded in the cold autumn and winter morning mist, or in the alluring colours and the warm air of the spring and summer. It is true that in spite of Prague being one of the most touristic cities of Europe, the tourists all go to the same places at the same time. This is indeed the best time to […]

At night, in the Bohemian castle of Metternich. By Mauro R.

The road, which stretches for about a kilometre and connects the small station in the countryside to the place where Miloš, the castellan, is waiting for me, is lined with birch and maple trees and already in autumn mode, alternating between shady areas and dense pine and firs which, in an unusual silence for those who live in the city, emanate a fresh and intense forest scent, in the quiet […]

Náplavka, the final frontier of Prague nightlife

There are cities that change in appearance more than others, from season to season. There are those, for example, where the climate difference between one time of year, and another is such that suggests to their inhabitants to change their habits, the places they frequent, and often even the very areas they live in. So affluent areas of life and activity during a certain period, are rarely visited and inactive […]

That knowledge hidden in stone. Symbolism and art on the buildings of Prague. By Mauro R.

The historic center of Prague is full of architectural wonders whose artistic details reveal, through the silent language of symbols and decorations, stories of times gone by and echoes of ancient knowledge and doctrines that were skillfully painted and carved on the facades of its buildings. In the heart of the city, consisting of small intersecting streets, and almost at every corner, there are enigmas to be solved for those […]

The "antikvariáty", small treasures which are disappearing

In every city in the world there are places, where as soon as you enter the doorway, it seems as if time has stopped, or that it runs somewhat differently to outside. These are often historical cafes, tea houses, small shops, craft shops… Closed spaces in which you feel a different energy, places of everyday life, rich in history, which stand out from all others due to a unique atmosphere […]

"Magnum Opus", mostra di Enrico Magnani

Enrico Magnani, fisico nucleare e artista, ha sentito l’esigenza di servirsi dell’arte per poter procedere in quei sentieri angusti della conoscenza dove la speculazione puramente razionale non basta, ed è quindi necessario attingere anche all’emozione, a quell’intuizione non irrazionale, ma “diversamente razionale” che solo l’arte, a un certo livello di sviluppo, permette di esprimere nel suo linguaggio che oltrepassa i limiti della logica. La sua ricerca artistica sottintende una concezione […]

Enrico Magnani and the research of the Objective Art

During recent years many researchers have highlighted the close relationship between modern art and esoterism; and more generally they have shown that mysticism and esotericism thought are specific characteristics of an important part of modern and contemporary culture. If, at first sight, these conclusions may appear paradoxical, in a society based on rational and mechanistic principles dwelling in a very advanced state of secularization, at a deeper level of analysis […]

International academic conference: Esotericism, occultism and fantasy in Italian Literature from the fin de siècle to avant-garde

The Institute of Romance Studies Faculty of Humanities – Charles IV University in Prague, in collaboration with Italian Cultural Institute organize an international Literature Convention on the topic: “Esotericism, occultism and fantasy in Italian Literature from the fin de siècle to avant-garde”. Prague, Czech Republic, April 13th -15th 2016.    In the period between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, after the wave of great positivist belief in reason, […]

Discovering Prague. Dejvice, an example of sustainable modernity

Among the various administrative districts of the Czech capital, Prague 6 is one of the most extensive and includes several municipalities and areas of particular interest, such as Bubeneč, Hradčany and Dejvice: full of history and, at the same time, important centers of modern Prague. Situated north-west of Hradčany and west of Letná, Dejvice is particularly famous for being one of the most favorite residential neighborhoods by the upper-middle class […]

Czechs and tea, between culture and business

“The Czech Republic is among the first states in Europe per capita consumption of this beverage.  The “čajovna”, a peaceful and quiet meeting place, often decorated in oriental style, with music of Tibetan bells and where time rolls by slowly with the odour of spices”. Czech beer is known all over the world for its history, tradition and unique taste. It is no coincidence, then, that according to the latest […]